• Payroll Services

Payroll Services

While employees are the most valuable asset of an organization, management of payroll functions of a workforce - small or big, consumes up valuable time and other resources as well as diverts attention from core tasks to such peripheral tasks. On the other hand payroll management is a demanding function requiring accurate compensation calculation, on time payment as well as utmost confidentiality.

Outsourcing payroll functions generates multi-fold benefits for an organization including freeing up of precious time and resources, decrease in administrative burden, leaner workforce, all leading to reduction in operating cost.

BDO BD integrates expert people, efficient process and ingenious technology to provide payroll services that are second to none in the country and our uniqueness lies in the use of our self-developed software named ‘Paypack’, ‘Benepack’ and ‘TaxTool’ for the purpose of processing employee payroll, benefit, provident fund, gratuity fund and tax. We are a veteran in providing payroll services to numerous multinational organizations.