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BCS HRS is a comprehensive software module of HR Management Product Family to prepare and maintain payroll activities for all kinds of industries. It includes all the payroll processes and supports many HR and tax assessment related statements that the employers / employees need.BCS HRS comprises of HR Administration,Paypack and Taxtool.

  • Employee can access their individual payroll details from wepportal;
  • Payslipscan be viewed by individual using assigned authentication;
  • Employee pofilecan be created and updated
  • Employee salary info (Eariningsand Deductions) can be edited
  • Payment history could also be accessed by individual from their workstation;
  • Tax related basic reports i.e. tax computation, investment notification can be accessed through web.

HR Administration

HR Administration is a default module of employees’ database, major feature of HR Administration are as mentioned below:

       Keeping all the employee records and the organogram in a central database
    Company’s organogram and job description of employees
    Facility of keeping employees’ photograph and all required information in the system
    Employee grade matrix can be configured with grade category with grade and step
    Transfer and promotion history of employees
    Manpower statement
    Certificate of service
    Multi-company operations and dataset keeping
    Cost centreand department record
    Online operations between branches and HQs having LAN/WAN connectivity
    Offline operations among companies, and between HQs and branch offices in a company through a data synchronization utility support
    Company wise and branch wise backup/restore support
    Users’ activity audit trail
    The central place of all HR Management modules This is the base module for all HR modules.


Paypackdeals with employees’ payroll management, which is integrated with all HR modules. The system has number of unique features, mainly:

  • Generation of employees monthly Payroll (salary sheet and individual pay slips) with all benefits and deductions
  • Auto generation of Salary Transfer Advice(s) on bank(s). An employee can have the salary through multiple advices in multiple bank accounts.
  • Special payments (festival bonus, performance bonus, leave fare assistance, etc) can also be processed through the system and also the payment processing through separate bank advices.
  • Any deduction is controllable and partial payment is also possible
  • Overtime calculations as per policy set in HR Administration (dependent on Attendance Register)
  • Allocation of cost/overhead among different departments/cost centers
  • Generation of report as regards to employees total cost (considering both taxable and non taxable) to the company for individual employees
  • Employee loan and advance payment management
  • Deductions of tax and others deductions are controllable (auto, or manual-employee wise configurable)
  • Salary certificates for benefits and deductions during a particular yearThis module deals with employees automated tax calculation based on tax configuration applicable for each financial year.


  • Auto computation of individual employees monthly / annual tax burden considering allowable exemptions, non-cash benefits, investments and tax rebates
  • Auto generation of Tax Challan for deposit of tax to govt. treasury with list of employees
  • Auto generation of Salary and Tax Deduction Certificates for the employees
  • Computation of Excess Perquisite given to the employees (required for the company)
  • Auto generation of employees annual Lifestyle Statement (IT-10BB)
  • Auto generation of Investment Account details of all individual employees
  • History of year-wise changes in the taxation rules and employees taxes
  • Updated changes in the taxation rules and regulations