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Business Startup & Corporate Secretarial Services

Organizations these days have to expend generous amount of time, resources and effort as well as consume considerable cost to ensure domestic statutory and regulatory compliance and global governance irrespective jurisdiction of operation. Non-compliance with such requirements poses threat of penal consequences as well as defamation of reputation. Support from an expert with sound understanding of local legal and statutory framework can aid organizations to maintain compliance and mitigate regulatory risk. Regardless of the type – local, multinational or foreign direct investment, we assume the responsibility of a corporate secretary of organizations and relieve them from the administrative burden of secretarial obligations. Utilizing our knowledge and expertise, we provide competent service ranging from speedy set up of businesses to efficient management of ongoing tedious secretarial tasks.

BDO’s advisory team takes its vast knowledge of industry issues, regulations, and market dynamics to provide tailored guidance to clients, both large and small. We deliver specialized services and solutions that are relevant, adaptable, and sustainable. As one of the world’s largest accountancy networks, BDO helps a diverse range of clients with a diverse range of needs.