• Gratuity and Provident Fund

Gratuity and Provident Fund

As offering provident fund and gratuity fund facilities has become a prerequisite of attracting and retaining employees, it has created an added load on organizations for accounting and administering such funds. Our software based provident fund and gratuity fund management approach enables us to effectively administer such funds which includes –

  • Management of funds as per distinct trust rules or fund management rules of the client and in compliance with relevant regulatory requirements
  • Processing of contribution, profit distribution, loan management, final settlement etc.
  • Management of ex-members’ funds, lapses and forfeiture accounts
  • Automated system validation of final settlement, loan management etc. before payment
  • Generation of relevant statements such as balance sheet, income statement, receipts & payments statement, bank reconciliation, investment schedule, loan payment status

We provide professional advice to fund trustees and organization management regarding profitable investment opportunities, management of investments, holding trustee meetings in compliance with the trust deed and other compliance issues. We are committed to provide relevant documents, information and clarifications during external audit at the end of a financial year to ensure that such audit can be finalized within a reasonable time.