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16 December 2016

The victory day of Bangladesh symbolizes the day for the nation to leave the past behind and emerge with a new identity and purpose and transform into something better and greater.

Following this tradition, BDO Bangladesh is launching its new website on the auspicious day of the 45th Victory Day of Bangladesh, 16 December 2016.

The new website depicts the successful implementation of BDO Global Dynamo Project and brings itself in alignment with the global websites of the BDO Network. The objective of the new website is to give the users an eye-catching look and user-friendly feel as well as ensuring updated and streamlined flow of information about BDO Bangladesh.

The website provides a glimpse of the BDO Bangladesh’s background, gives detailed information about the services it provides and industries it specializes in and creates a way to know and communicate with the key peoples. All these have been organized and presented to let our clients and potential clients know that our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional client service.

The BDO Bangladesh team is committed to work diligently to keep the website updated, informative and adaptable to clients’ needs.