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An information technology (IT) audit or information systems (IS) audit is an examination of the controls within an entity's information technology infrastructure. These reviews may be performed in conjunction with a financial statement audit, internal audit, or other form of attestation engagement. Now a day, management of certain number of organizations got IT audit done by the IT Auditors.

In the mean time, Bangladesh Bank issued BRPD Circular No. 14 dated 23 October 2005 mentioning the guideline on Information & Communication Technology for Scheduled Banks. As per guideline, there is a requirement that internal IT Audit should be done periodically at least once a year. The report must be preserved for inspection of Bangladesh Bank officials as and when required. nufhas can work and assist in the internal audit team to conduct an efficient IT Audit since its human resources network includes IT Audit Expert, especially CISAs. Our partner Mr. Faruk Uddin Ahammed, FCA, CISA is the only CISA who is in accounting profession in Bangladesh.